This machine can be operated by one person.it is possible to glue with cold vinyl glue by enabling the application of glue on different materials. The glue tank is easily detachable for cleaning purpose.

After casing-in the book automatically moves one by one in the conveyor towards the hydraulic joint forming station. Every individual book is joint formed two times in two stations respectively.Finally book is delivered into rear end.

* Easy operation that offers high performance
* Uniform adhesive application with three-roller format
* Auto adjustability for any book format.
* Can handle flexible covers and extremely small formats
* Automatic book feeding.
* Hydraulic book press of 2 ton for even pressing of book.
* 2 station online hydraulic joint forming.
* Adjustable dept. on joint forming
* Heated formers for perfect joint formation.
* Interchangeable guides for various applications.
* Individual book gets 2 times pressing in 2 stations

Technical Data:
  • Production
    : 600 Books/hr
  • Min. book format
    : 100mm x 90mm
  • Max. book format
    : 400mm x 340mm
  • Min. book thickness
    : 5mm
  • Max. book thickness
    : 60mm
  • Book size
    : 340mm x 400mm
  • Power
    : 1.25HP, 3 Phase, 415 Volts
  • Dimensions
    : L1500 mm x W1500mm x H1700mm
  • Weight
    : 1200Kgs.
  • Hydraulic pressure
    : 2000Kgs.

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