Mega bound twin case corner rounding machine was after completed cases are inserted manually into the corer rounding station, into two passages the machinery allows the perfect rounding of the sides of the 4 corners. The unit is equipped with the heating system which soften the glue before the corners will be rounded. Corner pressure time can be adjusted by simply operating on the display.

* Easy operation
* Quick make ready
* Less space
* Run small and medium production

Technical Data:
  • Case size minimum
    : 150 mm X 100 mm
  • Case size maximum
    : 600 mm X 550 mm
  • Power supply
    : 1kw (415 volts)
  • Compressed air required
    : 8 bar
  • Dimensions
    : 1450 X1000 X 1400mm
  • Weight
    : 250Kgs.

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