This machine is designed to be operated by one person and is ideally designed for short run jobs. It is possible to glue with hot animal or cold vinyl glues, allowing the application of a case lining in a second-pass operation. It is suitable for the production of book cases, ring files, box files, tabletop calendars, game boards, puzzle boards etc.

Semi-automatic gluing Machine

The gluing rollers are made of stainless steel for rust-free long life. Special regulation knobs are given for fine adjustment of the glue thick-ness on any kind of materials. The operator is able to position 1 to 5 pieces of cardboard on the pre-glued sheet. By use of the special register device in the center of the sheet, the exact positioning of the two boards and the spine strip are possible by following the print references on the sheet. Suction holes in the surface of the worktable fix the cloth/sheet in place and keep it smooth, and lay guides help to place the case board and Centre strip accurately in position.

Semi-Automatic Turning-in Machine

The machine has a PLC based control system that is used to turn in and calendar the finished case. Book case surface rubbing down is car-ride out in length and breadth directions, which provides tight turn-ins and bubble free affixing of cardboard and cloth. Covering materials like plastic-coated paper, paper, cloth, etc. Can be used.

Technical Data:
  • Min. case size
    : 100mm x 160mm
  • Max. case size
    : 450mm x 800mm
  • Paper thickness
    : 60gsm- 170gsm
  • Board thickness
    : 1.5mm- 5mm
  • Turning-in width
    : 15mm- 30mm
  • Production
    : 30 cases/hr
  • Glue
    : Hot / cold (Optional)
  • Power
    : 5HP, 3 Phase, 415 Volts
  • Dimensions
    : H1025 mm x L2800mm x W910mm
  • Weight
    : 850Kgs.
  • Gluing System
    : Bottom
  • Man Power
    : Two
  • Materials
    : Paper, Laminated Paper, Plastic coated Paper, Clothe etc.,

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