* The machine is designed with back-push feeding system, which is controlled pneumatically with simple and reasonable structure.
* The distance between stacker and feeding table is adjustable concentrically in the Centre. This operation is carried out very easily.
* The ultrasonic paper tester double helps in simple operation with keeping two pieces paper entering into the machine at a time.
* Adjustable gluing rollers apply smooth gluing on the paper surface.
* The circulating glue system with temperature controller assures the adequate glue consistency.
* Inbuilt washing system cleans up within 5 minutes.
* Belt with suction system to keep the paper without any movement.
* The cardboard feeder is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, it’s location is correct and quick.
* In the cardboard feeder, the machine can automatically stop when lack of cardboard to reduce the waste.
* Paper feeding and positioning system adopt imported high precise photoelectric control device to make the paper and cardboard location more accurate.
* The folding unit adopts special automatic angle-repairs, edge-repair to ensure the qualification of finished products.
* Adopted imported PA belt for folding, featuring in a good result in folding.
* Adopted rubber rollers, the finished products are without bubbles.

Technical Data:
  • Min. case size
    : 100mm x 160mm
  • Max. case size
    : 450mm x 800mm
  • Paper thickness
    : 100gsm- 200gsm
  • Board thickness
    : 1mm- 3mm
  • Spine
    : 10mm
  • Turning-in width
    : 15mm- 30mm
  • Production
    : 800 cases/hr
  • Glue
    : Hot
  • Power
    : 12HP, 3 Phase, 415 Volts
  • Dimensions
    : H1150 mm x L6500mm x W2035mm
  • Weight
    : 2800Kgs.
  • Gluing System
    : Top
  • Man Power
    : Two
  • Materials
    : Paper, Laminated Paper, Plastic coated Paper, Clothe etc.,

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