MEGABOUND Edge squaring press of centerstitched magazines exercise note books,booklets,balance sheets,etc;

Book width mm 650 850
Book spine (min-max) mm 5.50 5.50
Book height (min) mm 5 100
System clamp pressure (adjustable) mm 60 9000
Squaring pressure (adjustable) mm 340 X 400 3500
Power 2 HP, 3 Phase, 415V
Dimensions mm L1500 XW 1000 XH 1700 130 X 115 X 100
Weight Kgs 800 1050
Hydraulic oil capacity ltrs 90 110

* To give a square shaped spine similar to perfect bound books. Ability to open books flat without any damage to the spine and therefore printing can be done on the spine section. Square pressed books are easy to handle for stacking and packing.

* Hydraulic pressure for clamping and squaring and gap in the squaring rollers can be suit the thickness of book paper/title.

* Square shaping of the spine for aesthetic and functional value addition at 850/950 cycles per hour for single copy

* 1 to 4 copies up to maximum opening of 50 mm can be inserted into the machine the stitched book(dairy) block can be cased-in with the glued cover material and the end paper sticks perfectly to the cover material without any marks or air-bubbles and the spine forms a perfect square shape.

* Electrical control paper for simplified diagnostics and productivity.


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