Models Mega bound model-1 Mega bound model-2
English Metric English Metric
Min.spine length 2” 50mm 2” 50mm
Max.spine length 17 ¼” 435mm 21” 535mm
Min.page width 2” 50mm 2” 50mm
Max.page width 12” 300mm 12” 300mm
Bindable thickness 2” 1-50mm 3” 1-75mm
Speed p/h 680 books 680books 680books 680books
2 up production 1250books 1250books 1250books 1250books
Power requirement 410/440v 410/440v 410/440v 410/440v
Motor HP 4 4 4 4
Heater 2kw 2kw 2kw 2kw
Machine size 89.5” X 25.5” 2275 X 645 mm 96.2 x 25.5” 2450 X 645mm
Machine weight 850kgs 850 kgs 900kgs 900kgs
Adhesive Hot melt Hot melt Hot melt Hot melt

* Excellent productivity

* High quality book binding

* Quick change over

* Easily adjustable book clamp

* Side gluing rollers for even layer

* Top up production facility

* Book counter system incorporated

* No requirement of skill operator

* Controlled labor costs

* Optional strip type milling cutter (up to 40mm spine thickness) which removes paper from book spine in strips from (which has commercial value).

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